VSSC Technical Apprentice Previous Year Papers | Download Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre Model Papers PDF

VSSC Technical Apprentice Previous Year Papers

Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre is going to organize Technical Apprentice Recruitment examination. Participating candidates can prepare for their examination with the help of VSSC Technical Apprentice Previous Year Papers. Here we are providing all the details regarding the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre Model Papers. Furthermore here we have also given some direct PDF links through which candidates can download thee VSSC Technical Apprentice Previous Year Papers in PDF Format.

The main motive of the team members of resultinbox.com behind providing you the VSSC Technical Apprentice Previous Year Papers is that, we want you to prepare for the employment examination in such way that no chance of having any mistake left. With the help of the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre Technical Apprentice Previous Year Papers you will get to know what type of questions usually occur in examination. Along with the previous year papers we have also given the VSSC Technical Apprentice Exam Pattern also. With the help of VSSC Question and Answers and the examination pattern you can prepare for the exam in a very much easier and comfortable way.

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VSSC Technical Apprentice Previous Year Papers

Ques 1: All the commercial liquid fuels are extracted from crude oil (natural petroleum)

  • (A) True
  • (B) False

Answer: Option (A)

Ques 2: A cycle consisting of one constant pressure, one constant volume and two isentropic processes is known as

  • (A) Carnot cycle
  • (B) Stirling cycle
  • (C) Otto cycle
  • (D) Diesel cycle

Answer: Option (D)

Ques 3: The efficiency and work ratio of a simple gas turbine cycle are

  • (A) low
  • (B) very low
  • (C) high
  • (D) very high

Answer: Option (B)

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Ques 4: The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of the unit mass of gas through one degree at constant volume, is called

  • (A) specific heat at constant volume
  • (B) specific heat at constant pressure
  • (C) kilo Joule
  • (D) none of these

Answer: Option (A)

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Ques 5: There is a loss of heat in an irreversible process.

  • (A) True
  • (B) False

Answer: Option (A)

Ques 6: An adiabatic process is one in which

  • (A) no heat enters or leaves the gas
  • (B) the temperature of the gas changes
  • (C) the change in internal energy is equal to the mechanical workdone
  • (D) all of the above

Answer: Option (D)

Ques 7: Water gas is obtained by passing air and a large amount of steam over waste coal at about 650°C.

  • (A) Correct
  • (B) Incorrect

Answer: Option (B)

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Ques 8: When the gas is heated at constant volume, the heat supplied increases the internal energy of the gas.

  • (A) True
  • (B) False

Answer: Option (A)

Ques 9: Which of the following is the lightest and most volatile liquid fuel?

  • (A) Gasoline
  • (B) Kerosene
  • (C) Fuel oil

Answer: Option (A)

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Ques 10: The minimum recommended diameter of sewers, is

  • (A) 5 cm
  • (B) 10 cm
  • (C) 15 cm
  • (D) 20 cm.

Answer: Option (C)

Ques 11: Aerobic bacterias

  • (A) flourish in the presence of free oxygen
  • (B) consume organic matter as their food
  • (C) oxidise organic matter in sewage
  • (D) All the above.

Answer: Option (D)

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Ques 12: The rate of accumulation of sludge in septic tanks is recommended as

  • (A) 30 litres/person/year
  • (B) 25 litres/person/year
  • (C) 30 litres/person/month
  • (D) 25 litres/person/month

Answer: Option (A)

Ques 13: If 2% solution of a sewage sample is incubated for 5 days at 20°C and depletion of oxygen was found to be 5 ppm, B.O.D. of the sewage is

  1. 200 ppm
  2. 225 ppm
  3. 250 ppm
  4. None of these.

Answer: Option (C)

Ques 14: If D is the diameter of upper circular portion, the overall depth of a standard egg shaped section, is

  • (A) D
  • (B) 25 D
  • (C) 5 D
  • (D) 75 D
  • (E) 2 D.

Answer: Option (C)

Ques 15: If the diameter of sewer is 225 mm, the gradient required for generating self cleansing velocity, is

  • (A) 1 in 60
  • (B) 1 in 100
  • (C) 1 in 120
  • (D) none of these.

Answer: Option (C)

Ques 16: Pick up the correct statement from the following :

  • (A) pH value indicates acidity and alkalinity of sewage
  • (B) In acidic sewage, the pH value is less than 7
  • (C) In alkaline sewage, the pH value is more than 7
  • (D) Fresh sewage is generally alkaline
  • (E) All the above.

Answer: Option (E)

Ques 17: The non-clog pump which permits solid matter to pass out with the liquid sewage, is

  • (A) centrifugal pump
  • (B) reciprocating pump
  • (C) pneumatic ejector
  • (D) none of these.

Answer: Option (A)

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Ques 18: Assertion (A) : Discharging the effluents from the oxidation ponds just up stream of lakes or reservoirs is undesirable.

Reason (R) : The discharged algae get settled in the reservoirs and cause anaerobic decomposition and other water qualities.

  • (A) Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A
  • (B) Both A and R are true but R is not a correct explanation of A
  • (C) A is true but R is false
  • (D) A is false but R is true.

Answer: Option (A)

Ques 19: The width of a rectangular sewer is twice its depth while discharging 1.5 m/sec. The width of the sewer is

  • (A) 68 m
  • (B) 88 m
  • (C) 36 m
  • (D) 76 m.

Answer: Option (C)

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VSSC Apprentice Exam pattern:

S.No Exam Type Topics of  the VSSC Apprentice Syllabus
1. Objective Type Mechanical Engineering
2. Electronics Engineering
3. Electrical Engineering
4. Civil Engineering
5. Computer Science
6. Chemical Engineering
7. Instrumentation
  • The examination will be of Objective Type
  • There will be 7 sections namely- Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Chemical Engineering and Instrumentation
  • Each question will have 4 options and candidates have to answer the right one by marking it

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