Important Steps to be Followed in Online Examination | Steps to give Computer Based Test (CBT) Simple Procedure

Important Steps to Follow during Online Examination

Here on this page we brought to you Important Steps to Follow during Online Examination. Participants must pay attention on a below steps which are very beneficial for you. Lakhs of candidates are sitting for online examinations but some people are not aware exact procedure and manner to give the online exam. For this reason they are not get the success in the examination so on this page we are providing the Steps to give Computer Based Test (CBT) through the help of these Simple Procedure candidates can easily attend and crack the exam.

There are various exams throughout the nation that are being organized online. Therefore, it is mandatory for the examinees to know the online exam procedure and pattern of it. In India computer literacy is still not in control, various people find it complicated to handle with the recently launched online scheme of exam. For this reason, it is significant to get them to a comfort level so that they don’t get the further tension at the time of giving the examination. Some Important Steps are structured below which help the applicants to learn the accurate procedure to get thorough with online examination. These steps could well help candidates to deal with less clutter while beginning their examination.

Important Steps to Follow during Online Examination

Simple Procedure/Steps to give Computer Based Test (CBT) 

Candidates will be allotted a separate system according to their roll number for online examination. The display of the system contain candidates name and log in box, you have to enter the email and password in an available drop box. You need to sign your account.

After hitting the sign number a new page will be opened. On this page various instructions are mentioned for attending the question so you have to read the all the instructions carefully these instructions includes:-

General Instructions:

  • Participants only get half an hour for attending the examination.
  • The watch will be set at the server.
  • In the top of the screen countdown timer will display which shows the remaining time for to complete the examination. When the exam will finish the time reaches zero and exam will end by itself. At that time you will not be needed to end or submit your examination.
  • On the right side of screen the Question Palette structured which show the rank of every question by using one of the below mention symbols:

1        You have not the read yet.

3        You have not responded the query.

5        You have answered the question.

7        You have NOT respond the question, but have striking the question for review.

9        You have answered the question, but striking it for review.

The Marked for Review for a question merely shows that you will glance that question after some time again. Answer will be considered for rechecking for a particular question, if you marked the question for Review

If students willing to move to the previous question then press previous button “>”in the question palette and in the same manner candidates can hit on next button “<” to read the next question.

Navigating to a Question:

To answer a question, do the following steps:

  • Through question palette which is available at the right of your screen you can reach to the particular question directly, you can hit on the on the question number in the Question Palette you question will display on your screen. You should also know that is you using this option so this option does not save your answer Note that using this option does NOT save your answer to the present question.
  • You need to hit on Save &Next button to save your answer for the present question and then go to the next question.
  • Click on Mark for Review & Next to save your answer for the current question, mark it for review, and then go to the next question.

Answering a Question:

Steps for solving a multiple choice type question:

  • To choose your answer you need to hit on the button of one of the options
  • Take the chosen option again or hit on the Clear Response button to deselect your selected answer.
  • Take another option to change your chosen answer.
  • Hit on the Save & Next button to save your answer.
  • Hit on the Mark for Review & Next button to mark the question for review. This option is use when you have a doubt for your answer which is selected for a question when you hit review options so that answer will be measured in the appraisal.
  • If you want to change your answer for a particular option firstly you need to select that question for answering and then follow the process for answering that type of question.
  • Must keep in mind that at the time of evaluation answers which are saved or marked both will be will taken in consideration.

Navigating Through Sections:

  • On the top bar of the screen Sections of the question paper are mentioned.
  • Questions of a particular section can be seen by selecting on the section name. The section you are presently showing is highlighted.
  • When you are completing their current section and select the Save & Next button on the last question for a section then you will automatically reach to the first question of the next section.
  • You can hit any number of question and move between tests and questions anytime at the time of the online examination.

After reading the instructions you need to on the “Next” button then you need to choose Default language and then selection the English/ Hindi option, on the same page you also select the view option. If you are satisfied with all the condition and you have read and understood the option then you need to hit tick option and then press on “I am ready to begin” button.

Then your question paper will be displayed on your screen. Attend and solve the question according to the above instruction with in a particular time.

At time of solving question you are not allow to use keyboard if you use keyboard then you are not be able to solve next question. So participants not use even the touch the keyboard.

For more details you can check Official Link. On the above section of this page we have provided you some Important Steps To Follow during Online Examination. These steps will help you to attend any kind of online exam. Candidates if you are satisfied this page so you can hit on “Like” button. This web portal is made for giving information related to education and recruitment. You want to attain latest and accurate information so you can subscribe us on Facebook and Twitter. In case you will find any problem related to this page or you have query related to this page so you can write a comment in a below stated commenting box, we will try to solve your problem at best level.

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