Science And Technology Preparation For UPSC Exam | Strategy for IAS Prelims/Mains Exam

Science And Technology Preparation For UPSC Exam

Science And Technology subject is one of the important part while you are preparing for UPSC Exam. So for your convenience we are providing Strategies of Science and Technology Preparation for UPSC Exam on this page. You should make techniques for IAS Prelims/Mains Exam as Science and Technology is toughest subject for IAS Prelims/Mains Exam. But if you get the right strategies and study material then it will become easier for you to score good marks.

While you are preparing for UPSC Exam you search various texts from internet or from market, what this stuff gives you? You only earn confusion. So the best strategy is to do research on a particular topic and then choose the best one out of it and after that study that material. So here are on this web page created by the team of we are providing the strategies/important topics to prepare for UPSC IAS Exam.

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Science And Technology Preparation For UPSC Exam

Important topics:

Following are the important topics for Science and Technology:

  • Biotechnology, Genetic engineering
  • Nano technology and its applications
  • Space missions of India and other countries like USA, China, Europe, Russia
  • standard model of physics
  • Gravitational waves
  • 3 parent Baby
  • DNA profiling, Human Genome project
  • STEM cell
  • Anti-microbial resistance
  • Vitamins and Disease due to deficiency of Vitamins
  • Robotics
  • Information technology
  • Climate change and related summits

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Strategy for IAS Prelims/Mains Exam

Strategy 1: General Preparation Plan

As prelims exam will held in the month of June and August you must focus from February to May on prelims preparation.

After the result of prelims examination, then you start preparing for mains through answer writing practice sheets.

Strategy 2: Answer Writing Practice

You should attempt regular test by preparing with notes as it will help you to link topics and remember points easily.

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Strategy 3: Essay

Here we are providing some important tips to write essay:

  • Firstly choose the correct topic
  • After that think about that topic for sometime
  • Write down all the points at the end of a sheet
  • Structure your essay
  • Provide suggestions for reforms
  • At last write conclusion

Strategy 4: Current Affairs Preparation

You are suggested to avoid writing question in your answer as by doing this no space will leave to write the answer.

You can do time management as a person normally takes 5 minutes to write 100 words and 2-3 minutes to think about the answer.

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IAS Exam Pattern

Some important questions:
Here we are providing some important questions for you. So please have a look…

Q1: On which of the following can you find the Bureau of Energy Efficiency Star Label?

  • Ceiling fans
  • Electric geysers
  • Tubular fluorescent lamps

Select the correct answer using the code given below.

  • 1 and 2 only
  • 3 only
  • 2 and 3 only
  • 1,2 and 3

Ans. D

Q.2: India is an important member of the ‘International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor’. If this experiment succeeds, what is the immediate advantage for India?

  • It can use thorium in place of uranium for power generation
  • It can attain a global role in satellite navigation.
  • It can drastically improve the efficiency of its fission reactors in power generation
  • It can build fusion reactors for power generation.

Ans. D

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Q3: Consider the following statements:

The Mangalyaan launched by ISRO

  • Is also called the Mars Orbiter Mission
  • Made India the second country to have a spacecraft orbit the Mars after USA
  • Made India the only country to be successful in making its spacecraft orbit the Mars in its very first attempt

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

  • 1 only
  • 2 and 3 only
  • 1 and 3 only
  • 1, 2 and 3

Ans. C

Q4: With reference to ‘LiFi’, recently in the news which of the following statements is / are correct?

  • It uses light as the medium for high speed data transmission
  • it is a wireless technology and is several times faster than ‘WiFi’

Select the correct answer using the code given below:

  • 1 only
  • 2 only
  • Both 1 and 2
  • Neither 1 nor 2

Ans. C

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Q5: In the context of the development in Bioinformatics, the term ‘Transcriptome’, sometimes seen in the news , refer to

  • A range of enzymes used in genome editing
  • The full range of mRNA molecules expressed by an organism
  • The description of the mechanism of gene expression
  • A mechanism of genetic mutations taking place in cells

Ans. B

Q6: ‘Project Loon’ sometimes seen in the news is related to

  • Waste management technology
  • Wireless communication technology
  • Solar power production technology
  • Water conservation technology

Ans. B

Q7: ‘Net metering’ is sometimes seen in the news in the context of promoting the

  • Production and use of solar energy by the households/consumers
  • Use of piped natural gas in the kitchens of households
  • Installation of CNG kits in motor cars
  • Installation of water meters in urban households

Ans. A

Q8: Which one of the following is the best description of ‘INS astradharini’ that was in the news recently?

  • amphibious warfare ship
  • nuclear -powered submarine
  • torpedo launch and recovery vessel
  • nuclear – powered aircraft carrier

Ans. C

Science and Technology Preparation for UPSC Exam

If you are preparing for UPSC IAS Exam then you must do Science and Technology Preparation as it is the toughest to crack.  Science and Technology subject consist of basic science which includes physics, chemistry, biology, bio-chemistry and technology.

To crack IAS Exam you should be clear with Science and Technology basics and current events. Following are the some strategies to prepare for IAS Exam:

Revise every subject:

You must revise each and every subject which are mentioned in exam syllabus or which have high weighatge.

Take, clear mock exams:

You must take help from previous year stats or do online mock test. You can also solve previous year question paper.

Invest on the right books for UPSC Civil Service Exam:

To prepare well for exams you should do research on right books or right study material through internet or through your teachers.

Go with a relaxed mind on the exam day:

You should be relaxed while preparing or appearing for exam. If you go to exam with stressed mind then you will not be able to perform well.

So by going through the above article you will get all the information related to the preparation of Science and Technology subject for UPSC IAS Exam. To grab more information you can also bookmark this web portal by tapping CTRL+D.

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