Proven Tips to Reduce Negative Marking in Competitive Exams| Pro tips to Minimize attempting doubtful questions

Proven Tips to Reduce Negative Marking in Competitive Exams

Most of Competitive Examinations follows strict marking; therefore it’s pretty obvious that candidates must have face a harsh & tough time attempting questions in Competitive Exams. Now a days, most of the Competitive Examinations are based on multiple choice patterns. In order to help with this problem, we are providing some Proven Tips to Reduce Negative Marking in Competitive Exams. So, while marking answers for these questions one should experience a tough time. Main reason behind this is anxiety-free set of question when equated to other type of questions. As well all aware about the fact that most of the examination follows on objective pattern, where one have to select suitable answers from given four alternatives. This is a time, where one can feel anxious and hopeless!!! Guys don’t be, as we are catering some Pro tips to minimize attempting doubtful questions in the examinations!! Have a peek!!!

Proven Tips to Reduce Negative Marking in Competitive Exams

The word itself “Negative Marking” creates a sense of tension in mind!! Well, candidates who are going to appear in any competitive examinations like SSC, Banking Examination, RRB, NDA, UPSC, CAT, etc are advised to go through below stated article as we are catering some powerful tips that tell you about “how to avoid loss of Objective Tests”. Firstly one should aware about the term Negative marking, it is a type of marking where for every wrong attempt some marks will get deducted.

This rule of marking is follows in almost every type of competitive examinations. The main reason of introducing Negative Marking is to evade random guessing that unprepared candidates do while attending exams. That’s why; students having adequate knowledge get finally selected. So, individuals before appearing in any exam must take a look on Proven to Reduce Negative Marking in Competitive Exams as given below!!!

Proven Tips to Reduce Negative Marking in Competitive Exams

Pro tips to minimize attempting doubtful questions

# Leave a Doubtful Question!!!

While appearing in any competitive examination, always start with answering the question with which you are most confident. After attempting that questions, go for solving the ones you have a doubt on!! If you are unaware about any question, then hereby you’re advised to leave that question.

Proven Tips to Reduce Negative Marking in Competitive Exams

However, if you mark the questions having doubt, there will be a great chance for “Negative Marking”. Never use your extravagant guessing power at that time, as it will leads in decreasing the level of your marks. So, play smart!!

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# Work on your Loopholes & repeated mistakes


Working on Loopholes & repeated mistakes is the one time solution on “How To Reduce Negative Marking?”…. While preparing for the examination, one should face many mistakes and various loopholes. Thus, it is right said that “Practice Makes a Man Perfect”…. So, prepare and practice well before attending the examination. Solves previous years question paper, take help from your elders, practice mock test papers as more as you can!!! This will surely helps in minimizing Negative Marking in Competitive Exams.

# Explore the Paper Question In Advance

If one can analyze the Paper Question well In Advance, then it will get a clear picture of type of questions, number of questions, difficulty level of question, marking scheme, etc. in this concern, question papers of previous year and question paper blueprints would proves a onetime solution.

While solving previous years question paper, create an environment like examination. Take a watch, set a time and go for question!!! This will give a transparent picture of exam experience!!!

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# Avoid Playing Number Games

Marking question using number games never work all the time!! So, candidates who have applied against various competitive examinations like UPSC, SSC, RRB, CAT, etc are suggested to evade using number games and guessing, as it doesn’t work all time!! Vice versa, it leads to negative marking, thus your overall performance will get down. But if you are confused between tow answer, then you may try this game, as the probability of getting the correct answer are only 50%!

# Practice Mock Papers


While preparing from mock papers, one can identify and learn new things that may come in exam. There are various topics and area’s on which you haven’t study. So, using mock papers one can know about the left over portion of syllabus. Mock test also helps in recognizing your strengthen, weakness, loopholes as well as give a clear cut picture of solving the questions in examination.

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# Don’t answer at last minute!!


Time plays a vital role in attempting the questions. Thus, it is very important to make use of each and every second that is allotted to you for solving the assigned question!! Avoid answering the questions at last minute, as it will cause haphazard moment and creates an issue of negative marking. This fear arises to the quantitative and reasoning area. This is the most Proven Tips to Reduce Negative Marking in Competitive Exams.

# Read Questions Properly

Sometimes, answers are hidden in the questions. So, a complete and careful reading of the question is a prove solution to find some answers using this trick!! Most of the questions have a strong link with the answer too. While attending any exam, it is mandatory to read the question carefully and completely before marking the answer. Make a wise choice and then mark. Therefore, it reduces the chance of negative marking. In case, you have doubt about any question then go for another one, don’t stick to that particular question.

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# Do not overwrite or Erase

We all know, most of the Competitive Examinations are taken on OMR sheets. Thus, these sheets are read by computer.  So, avoid overwriting or erasing answers once written. Try to write answers in one attempt. If you overwrite, erase any answer on OMR sheet it creates a great issue in calculating marks. Candidates are advised to follow above given Proven Tips to Reduce Negative Marking in Competitive Exams.

**** Wish you All the Luck for Your Exams!!!!! *****

If you are prepare for exams using above given Proven Tips to Reduce Negative Marking in Competitive Exams. One can secure good marks and ace the examination. One thing, you want to do is to focus on your set Goals, Practice and Hard Work as we all know “Hard Work is the Key to Success”.

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