How To Prepare Maths For Competitive Exams? Quick, Easy, Fast & Simple Ways To Get Full Marks In Mathematics

How To Prepare Maths for Competitive Exams

Candidates, who’re ready to participate in various competitive examinations, must check How To Prepare Maths for Competitive Exams? provided throughout this page.  Math’s is interesting for some and some for disgust subject, but it plays a key role in competitive exams. We have created and brought this page especially for those candidates who find math’s tricky and want a Quick yet Easy and Fast at Simplest Way to Get Full Marks in Mathematics in Competitive Examinations.

As the technology sector is keep on enhancing so demands of maths is rising. On the basis of the Quantitative aptitude candidates will be judged as they are capable to hold the things perfectly on not. Therefore, the government has give priority to the mains subjects that is math’s, reasoning and English. Even after passed the 12th class examination, candidates who score well in maths will be preferred by the best colleges.

How To Prepare Maths for Competitive Exams

How To Prepare For Maths Exam

Make a list of Formulas:

Maths is all about formulas, so this is the first thing to do for better preparation of it. Candidates need to make a list of formulas and keep on memorize it. Candidates have to make sure that all the formulas which are written down are accurate. if you keep sharpen your formulas, then no one dare to stop you to get successful in exams.

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Make Proper Time Schedule:

Time never stops for anyone, so better to utilize it instead of wasting. Try to give more time to hard topics and do revise it at the same time. Candidates not need to sit a hour or two while studying as it makes bores the topics, so better be give 45 minutes to the particular topic and after break of 5 or 10 minutes, revised again.

Do Coaching:

Coaching’s are the Band-aids for those candidates, who are unable to give proper time to subject at home for some reasons. By taking a proper guidance, candidates is keep in touch with that particular subject But make for better results, candidates have to become self guru of own in order to polish the tricks.

Solve Previous Year Question Paper:

This is another good option to become the expert in maths and helpful way to get succeed in the competitive examinations. After solving the previous papers, Candidates get idea of the exam pattern of the competitive exams. by enhancing the last year paper of mathematics, candidates get to know the weightage of the topics which helps them a lot at the time of preparation.

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Keep All Tips On Lips:

Undoubtly, maths is sometimes considered as a boring and a complex subject but if applied on the common activities on daily routine, than it will surely results in fruitful outcomes. one must focus their in solving the real world’s problems as it creates a bond between your daily life and maths. That day is not so far, when u achieves a specialization in maths.

Check These Very Simple and Useful Tricks of Maths


Multiply the number with 100 and then subtract it with a same number from the result. Let’s take an example

Multiply 32×99 = 3200 – 32 = 3168

Profit and Loss

In case of profit

25% of Cost Price (1/4 of CP) = 20% of Selling Price (1/5 of SP)

Similarly 1/3 of CP = 1/2 of SP

In case of loss

25% of Selling Price (1/4 of SP) = 20% of Cost Price (1/5 of CP)

Similarly 1/3 of SP = 1/2 of CP

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That’s the most important technique. This is not a secret that every successful candidate is using this technique during exams.

Example – 112 × 92

Simply 112 × 9 = 1008

Add a zero 10080 and then add 224 to 10080.

Answer is 10304


In this simple trick we need to modify the equation and make the units digit zero. After all it is easy to multiply when units digit is zero. For example – Find square of 43

= (43+3) × (43-3) + (3×3)

= (46×40) + 9

= (460×4) + 9

= 1840 + 9 = 1849

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Square root

Best method to find square root of large numbers is by dividing the number into parts. Let’s take an example

Find square √ 1936

√ 1936 = √ 4 × √ 484 = √ 4 × √ 4 × √ 121 = 2×2×11 = 44

Other Useful Tips of Being Good In Maths:

  • Learn tables by heart from 2 to 20.
  • Learn cube value from numbers 1 to 20.
  • Square and square root values from 1 to 20.
  • Practice 2 or 3 digits multiplication daily with short tricks.
  • must polish the Squares up to 25
  • Powers of 2 upto 12 is very essential while doing the solutions of the questions at the time of examination.
  • Reciprocals of integer’s upto 12 must go for Data Interpretation calculations.
  • Try to learn Vedic Maths as it is generally used for calculations in Quantitative Aptitude.


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