NDA Interview Questions and Answers | NDA SSB Usually Asked Question in Interview with Answer, Tips to Crack

NDA Interview Questions and Answers

Candidates have qualified NDA NA examination and going to appear for interview can check NDA Interview Questions and Answers from here. This page is well designed with NDA SSB Usually Asked Question in Interview with Answer which really helps you to clear SSB NDA interview round. Applicants who want to enhance their career in defence sector applied for National Defence Academy and Naval Academy Examination. To grabs jobs in Indian Army, Navy and Air Force need to qualify prelim mains and SSB interview.  Interview round is the toughest as the directly questions are asked and one have to answer very clearly too all questions, thus we have also provided secret tips to Crack NDA Interview. Applicants wondering to know which type of question will be asked, then check this page thoroughly which is well maintained regarding NDA Interview Questions and Answers. 

Here, we are introducing Ms. shivani Verma who had also go through UPSC NDA interview and wants to share her personal experience of National Defence Academy interview. On this page Usually Asked NDA SSB Interview Questions and Answers will be discussed in detail. Even if you are also going to attend the SSB interview of NDA discussed below views will relay help you to crack it. Also, Ms. shivani Verma will also share her Secret Tips to Crack Interview and how she has manage confidence. With the help of these tips, you will also crack NDA Interview as she did.

NDA Interview Experience

Heyyy……….. Here is Shivani Verma who has been selected in Indian Navy after successfully qualifying Prelims, Mains and interview after hard work and lots of practice. Now I am here to express my view regarding SS NDS interview. Few year back, after qualifying pre and mains I was recommended for interview for National Defence Academy and Naval National Defence Academy.

As I had an interview so I was nervous in beginning. But it was quiet interesting and inspiring so my first opinion is not to worry or get nervous all you need to do is to stay positive and confident. Believe me If you answers the question confidently with understanding you will also be able to clear the interview as me. You can learn a lot from my experience…. have a look!!

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Here is my brief interview –

Name: Shivani Verma

Age: 22 Years

Nationality: Indian

In the beginning in knock the door asked to come in nervously, interview panel asked me very asked me to come inside, then I wished the interview panel and technical experts and they asked to take a seat.

NDA Interview Questions and Answers

After that interview started and interviewer began with questing are as follows –

Ques.1 What is the role of defense forces in our country?

Answer: It is sure if you sure that If you are going for interview you must have detailed information about that. Interviewer asked this question, to observe you how much you are known about your job or organization for which you are going to be posted. So, you should give the perfect and impressive answer. If you are attending NDA interview, then you must have entire knowledge about it.

Ques.2 Why did you gave first preference as Army / Air Force / Navy?

Answer: At the time of filling NDA Application Form for examination you will get choice to select any one out of Army / Air Force / Navy and interviewer will ask question why have you preferred Army / Air Force or Navy? So, candidates must express your interest for defence.

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Ques. 3 Will you come back again for SSB interview if you fail this time

Answer: By asking these type questions, Interviewer is examining your personality and confidence so handle these type of questions maturely a particular reason and answer that definitely, it will leave impressive effective of your personality.

Ques.4 Which course you will opt after 10+2 if you could not become officer and why?

Answer: You must be prepared for that question before attend SSB interview as there are several opportunities available after 10+ 2. Don’t give negative answer or never say that this is parents choice otherwise reflects your personality

Ques.5 Why do you want to join Indian air force?

Answer: Firstly, interviewer will ask to you, why do you want to join Indian air force? So, you must give a particular answer and these types of question are normally asked. So give impressive answer which also impresses the IO like you want to serve the country uniform of Indian air force makes feel proud and so on.

Ques. 6 Did you do any special preparation for SSB?

Answer: Give positive answer and say Yes sir. I have prepared SSB interview from various resources including current issues, studying magazines, getting guidelines from sites especially devoted for SSB like SSB chink. Though this answer, interviewer will realize that you have made effort lot for this interview.

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Ques.7 what are your strengths?

Answer: Through this type of questions interview wants to know about your strength in various filed such as computer skill, technical ability Personal ability such as flexibility, dedication, punctuality, leading ability transferable skills like planning, analytical skills etc.

Ques. 8 What are your weaknesses and how are you overcoming them?

Answer: The question is asked not to judge your weakness by to know how honest you are and how you will overcome in weak situation. Must remember one thing while answer this question that not to tell your personal weakness your answer should be positive and with better overcome option.

Ques.9 Who is the general / Chief of India army, navy and air force?

Answer: These types of question will be asked to check the general knowledge while going for NDA interview you must have knowledge about this otherwise you must be disqualified.

General of Indian army – Mr. Dalbir Singh Suhag

Chief of Navy – Mr. Admiral RK Dhowan

Chief of Air Force – Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha

Ques. 10 Motivation Behind to opt for NDA

Answer: If you decided to enhance career in defence than you must have proper and realistic reason which motivates you to join Indian defence sector.

Some Question related personal life:

Interviewer may ask the question about personal life like your background, education, family, friends, extra activities, hobbies etc. It’s obvious that interviewer asked some questions again and again, it is better to prepare for especially tough interview questions. Be sure for your answers tailor your experiences as per needs mainly why interviewer needs to hire you. So also prepare for such type of questions are as follows and turn tough questions into softballs.

  • Tell me something about your city
  • How would you organize football match, even, birthday party etc (Check leadership quality)
  • What your father and mother do?
  • What is your weakness?
  • Do you have any girlfriend?
  • Why should we hire you:
  • So I have asked you many questions? Do you have any questions to ask?
  • Did you take any responsibility work in your academics? Describe about it?
  • Tell 5 Inter-National and National Political news
  • Tell me 5 Sports news
  • Answer the same answers which you have filled in the PIQ form with exact percentage you got (Eg. 87.68%).

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Some Technical practical knowledge questions:

Afterwards interviewer will asked the question form Technical part and your practical knowledge questioning like:

Question 1: Are diabetic candidates eligible to become officers in NDA?

Answer: No, diabetic candidates are not eligible to become officers in NDA

Question 2: Is AFCAT exam same as NDA NA exam and CDSE of UPSC?

Answer: Purpose of all exams is not at all same, AFCAT exam different from NDA & NA examination and Combined Defence Services Examination conducted by UPSC.

Question 3: What do you know about Indian army, air force, and navy?

Answer: Indian army, air force, and navy is the three cadre services of defence sector.

Question 4: What are the ranks of Indian army, air force and navy?

Army Air Force Navy
Field Marshal Marshal of the Air Force Admiral of the fleet
General Air Chief Marshal Admiral
Lt. General Air Marshal Vice Admiral
Major General Air Vice Marshal Rear Admiral
Brigadier Air Commodore Commodore
Colonel Group Captain Captain
Lt. Colonel Wing Commander Commander
Major Squadron Leader Lt. Commander
Captain Flight Lieutenant Lieutenant
Lieutenant Flying Officer Sub Lieutenant

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Question 5: How would you organize football match, even, birthday party etc (Check leadership quality)

Answer: Give this answer very smartly so that interview will get impress by  your as they7 wants to check leadership quality in you.

Services Selection Board (SSB) Day Wise Testing Procedure

Those who are able to qualify National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Examination will be eligible to attend the SSB Interview. Interview will be conducted for over 5 days, Different tests will be conducted on different day. Here we have given detailed procedure according to days have a look-

First Day: On the very first day candidates have to report at SSB centre.  On first day interview panel will conduct Reasoning test, PPDT i.e., Picture Perception and Discussion Test and group discussion. Thereafter, candidates who are qualified have to fill up PIQ (Personal Interview Questionnaire) and various other forms.

Second Day: On the second day, psychological tests like TAT, WAT, SRT will be conducted by Services Selection Board for the selection of candidates

Third Day: On this day, candidates will go for Group Testing Officer (GTO) Tasks Candidates hat is group discussion, group planning Excercise (GPE), Progressive Group Tasks (PGT), Group Obstacle Race (GOR), Half Group Task (HGT) and a lecturette.

Fourth Day: On forth day candidates are examined individually one the basis of Command Task (CT) and Final Group Task (FGT).

Fifth Day: SSB board official conduct a conference and makes a final result on the last day of SSB Interview.

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Personal Interview in SSB: Among all 5 days, actual SSB Interview will be conducted on second, third and fourth day by the interview panel of Services Selection Board (SSB) so be prepared for it.

So as you see which type of questions are asked by me and how I answers to question with confidence.  You can also be able to crack the SSB NDA interview, if you are fully prepared and answer confidently.

Secret Tips to crack SSB NDA Interview

Usually Interview is taken to check the mental caliber of the candidates. Mostly interviewer were asked different question in different style so, applicants have to understand the response calmly and maturity. Applicant must be ready and follow below provided SSB NDA Interview tips-

  • Firstly, be confident make first impression through your look and your body language.
  • Be sure and optimistic in your answer.
  • Be honest and express clearly your opinion and ideas.
  • Try to give examples in explanation of your answer for enhancing.
  • Be Positive and assertiveness through voice tone.
  • Make sure that interviewer is more smatter and getting right what you have explained to him.
  • Give clear and clean answers, don’t try to be friendly.

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Dear candidates we hope that my personal experience shared on this page will surely beneficial for you and helps you in preparing SSB NDA Interview Questions and Answers after NDA NA Exam.

Applicants if you have any query related to NDA Interview you can ask freely to our expert by commenting in below provided comment box and we will provide better solution to solve your query as soon as possible.

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