Kanpur University Syllabus 2018 BA/B.Ed/LLB/M.Com (UG/PG) Full Syllabus Pdf Download

Kanpur University Syllabus


Candidates who are going to attend the BA/B.Ed/LLB/M.Com exam must download the Kanpur University Syllabus. From here you will get all the details about KU UG/PG Syllabus and exam pattern. Students who want to get good results in upcoming exams are required to download the Kanpur University 2018 Syllabus. The University conducts several examinations for UG/PG courses and for this huge number of students appears but only capable contenders have the potential to clear the exams. You will get a clear idea about the important topics and Weightage of marks through Kanpur University full syllabus.

Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University (CSJMU) is one of the largest universities of the Asia. CS Kanpur University offers various academic courses in Arts, Commerce, Law, Engineering, Biotechnology, Science and so on. Kanpur University campus is spread across 264 acres which includes CS Kanpur University hostel, institute, cafeteria and play grounds. KU provides much needed knowledge and help in building the future of students. Many reputed companies visits KU campus to hire skilled aspirants and offer them an impressive package. If you want to know more Kanpur University courses, exam pattern and Kanpur University Syllabus 2018 then you need to scroll down the page which is well created by the team of resultinbox.com.

Kanpur University Syllabus

Kanpur University B.A. /B.Sc. Syllabus Part-I

Paper Maximum Marks
Physical Geography 35
Human Geography 35
Practical 30


Physical Geography – Units


Human Geography – Units

Concept and Nature
Habitation (Population and Settlement)
Society and Culture
Population Tribes

Practical: Division of Marks

  • Choice (Duration – Three Hours): 40 marks
  • Viva-Voce & sessional records: 10 marks

Books Recommended:

  • Monkhouse, F.J. : Maps & Diagrams.
  • Robinson, A.H : Elements of Practical Geography.
  • Singh, R.L. Elements of Practical Geography.
  • Spencer, J.E. and Thomas, W.L. Introducting Cultural Geography.
  • Thomas, W.L. (ed.) Man’s Role in Changing the Face of the Earth.
  • Peripillou, Human Geography
  • Smith, D.M. Human Geography-A Welfare Approach
  • Forde, C.D., Habitat, Economy and Society
  • Dicken, S.N. and Pitts. F.R., Introduction to Human Geography.
  • Strahler, A N and Strahler, A.H. : Modern Physical Geography.
  • Barry, R.G. and Chorley, R.J. Atmosphere, Weather and Climate.
  • Trewartha, G.T. Elements of Physical Geography
  • Pears, N.: Basis Biography.

Kanpur University B.A. /B.Sc. Syllabus Part-II

Paper Maximum Marks
Economic Geography 35
Geography of India 35
Practical 30

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Economic Geography – Units

  • Development of Economic Geography
  • Forest types and their products
  • Marine resources and Aquarculture
  • Lactational factors of Industries
  • Means and modes of transport

Geography of India – Units

  • Forest resources
  • Indian Economy
  • Population-growth
  • Regional development

Practical: Division of Marks

  • Choice (Duration – Three Hours): 40 marks
  • Viva-Voce & sessional records: 10 marks

Books Recommended:

  • Monkhouse, F.J. Maps & Diagrams.
  • Robinson, A.H., Elements of Cartography.
  • Gregory, S., Statistical Method and the Geographer.
  • Smith, H.T.V. Aerial Photographs and their Applications.
  • Verma, R.V. Geography of India (Hindi)
  • Bansal, S.C., Geography of India (Hindi)
  • Gopal Singh, Geography of India
  • Ramamurti, Geography of India Systematic.
  • Tiwari, R.C., Geography of India.
  • Boesh, Hans, A Geography of World Economy.
  • Bengston and Reyen, Fundamentals of Economic Geography.
  • Zimmerman, E.W. Introduction to World Resources

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Kanpur University B.A. /B.Sc. Syllabus Part-III

Paper Maximum Marks
Geographical thought 33
Environmental Studies 33
South West Asia/South East Asia/Far East Asia 34
Practical 50

Geographical Thought – Units

  • The field of geography
  • Dualisms in geography
  • Geography in ancient period
  • German school of thought
  • Soviet geographers

Environmental Studies– Units

  • Environmental management
  • Sample studies
  • Emerging environmental issues

Practical: Division of Marks

  • Field work: 25 marks
  • Field Study report: 15 marks
  • Viva-Voce & Sessional Records: 10 marks

Books Recommended:

  • M.N. Nigam- Mansoon Ka Asia
  • Vishwanath Tiwari – Asia Ka Bhaugolik Swaroop
  • Jagdish Singh – Monsoon Asia
  • V.K. Srivastava – Asia
  • Dudely Stamp : Asia
  • Willcocks : The Irrigation of Messopotamia.
  • Jones : Turkey
  • The Statesmans Year book : 2001-2002
  • V.K. Srivastava, Environmental and Ecology (Hindi)
  • Griffith Taylor, Environmental race and migration.
  • Hartshorne, R : Perspective on Nature of Geography, Rand McNally & Co. 1959.
  • Husain, M.: Evolution of Geographic Thought, Rawat Pub.: Jaipur. 1984.

Kanpur University B.Ed. Syllabus – Two Year Programme

Paper – I Philosophical Perspectives of Education (5+5+5) marks

Nature of Education
Philosophy and Education
Major philosophical schools: Salient features and impact on education.
Indian thinkers and their contributions to Education
Western educational thinkers and their contribution in the development of Education

Paper – II Sociological Perspectives of Education (5+5+5) marks

Sociological basis of education
Education and Democracy
Measures taken for eradication of illiteracy
National and Emotional integration
Right to Education

Paper –III Psychological Perspectives of Education (10+5) marks

Educational Psychology and Development of Learner
Learning and Motivation
Teaching Learning Process
Exceptional children

Paper- IV & V Pedagogy of Biological Science

Basics of Biological Science
AIMS and Objectives of Teaching Biological Science
Planning For Instruction
Teaching of Biological Science
Curriculum Organization and Learning Resources
Evaluation in Biological Science
Professional Development of A Biology Science Teacher

Paper –VII Health, Physical and Yoga Education

Education And Physical Education
Biological And Sociological Basis Of Physical Education
Health Education
Principles Of Yogic Practices

Paper –VIII Information and Communication Technology

Basics of Computer

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Books Recommended:

  • Goyal V.P. Internet Zane Mangaldeep Publication Jaipur
  • J.S. Walia. Educational Technology Paul Publications Jalandhar, Punjab
  • Gurrey, P, Teaching English as a Foreign Longmons.
  • O’conner,J.D: Better English – Pronunciation
  • Mishra, Prabhakar – Sanskrit Shikshanvidhi.
  • Pandey Ram Sakal – Sanskrit Shikshanvidhi, VinodPustakMandir Agra.
  • Safaya, Raghunath – Sanskrit Shikshanvidhi, PanjabKitabGhar Jalandhar.
  • Bhandari and other : Teaching of English – Longmans
  • Brence: The Teaching of English Abroad , Part I , II ,III
  • Frisby : Teaching English – Longmans
  • Gokak : English in India
  • Arora, S.K.(2000). How to Teach Mathematics, New Delhi: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
  • Bishop, G.D.(1965). Teaching Mathematics in the Secondary School, London: Collins Publication.

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Kanpur University M.Com Exam Pattern

M.Com – Ist Semester paper pattern

Paper Code Paper Total Marks
MC-1.1 Management Accounting-I 100
MC-1.2 Principles of Management 100
MC-1.3 Business Environment-I 100
MC-1.4 Managerial Economics-I 100
MC-1.5 Statistical Analysis for Business 100
MC-1.6 Computer Applications to Business-I 60
Total 560

M.Com – IInd Semester paper pattern

Paper Code Paper Total Marks
MC-2.1 Management Accounting-II 100
MC-2.2 Organizational Behavior 100
MC-2.3 Business Environment-II 100
MC-2.4 Managerial Economics-II 100
MC-2.5 Quantitative Techniques for Managerial Decisions 100
MC-2.6 Computer Applications to Business-I 60
Total 560

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Practical+ Viva = 80 + 100 = 180 marks.

Total = 560 + 180 = 740 marks.

Books Recommended:

  • M.Y.Khan, P.K.Jain – Management Accounting – Tata Mcgraw Hill.
  • Horngren, Sundem, Stratton – Introduction to Management Accounting -Pearson Education
  • Utilising Human Resources, Prentice Hall, New Delhi.
  • Ivancevich; John and Micheeol T. Matheson: Organisational Behaviour andManagement, Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi.
  • K.Bedi – Business Environment
  • Fransis Cherunilam – Business Environment – Himalya Publishing House.
  • K.Ghosh – Business & Government – Sultan Chand & Sons.
  • Stonier, W and Hauge D: A Text Book of Economic Theory.
  • Dean, Joel: Managerial Economics, Prentice Hall, Delhi.
  • Hooda, R.P: Statistics for Business and Economics, Macmillan India Ltd. New Delhi.
  • Heinz, Kohler: Statistics for Business & Economics, Harper Collins.
  • Management Accounting: Pandey I.M.
  • Management Accounting: Dr.Maheshwari S.N.
  • Stonier, W and Hauge D: A Text Book of Economic Theory.
  • Dean, Joel: Managerial Economics, Prentice Hall, Delhi.
  • Dholkia,R.H.and A.L.Oza

Kanpur University L.L.B Syllabus

LLB.(First Semester) – Units

Constitutional Law –I
Law of Contract
Family Law-I
Law of Crimes Paper-I (Indian Penal Code)
Law of Tort including MV Accident and Consumer Protection Laws

LLB.(Second Semester) – Units

Constitutional Law –II
Special Contract
Family Law-II
Public International Law
Professional Ethics & Professional Accounting System

LLB.(Third Semester) – Units

Administrative Law
Environmental Law
Company Law
Property Law
Labour Law- I

LLB.(Fourth Semester) – Units

Law of Evidence
Law of Crime – II (Criminal Procedure Code)
Civil Procedure Code & Lamination Act
Labour Law – II

LLB.(Fifth Semester) – Units

Principles of Taxation law
Banking Law
Patent Right Creation and Registration
Interpretation of Statutes and Principles of Legislation
Human Rights law and Practice
Investment Law
27-02-2015 C1-Right to Information
Law on Education
Bankruptcy & Insolvency

LLB.(Sixth Semester) – Units

Land Law
General English and Legal Language
Trust equity and fiduciary relation
Information Technology Law
Trade mark and design
International Organization
Penology and victimology
Insurance law
Humanitarian and refugee law
Law relating to woman

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Preparation Tips for UG/PG Exams

  • Make a time table and give your time to every subject.
  • Prepare form the Kanpur University Syllabus, so that you can cover all the important topics.
  • Practice the tough topics first and the high scoring subjects.
  • You can take help from the Kanpur University previous year sample papers which are easily available at the books shop
  • Don’t leave the topics which were mentioned in the Kanpur University syllabus.
  • Keep practicing daily; it will boost your speed and confidence.
  • Don’t get nervous if you are not able to remember the answers, take rest and try again after some time.

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Final Words

If you want to download Kanpur University syllabus in a PDF form then you have to visit the official website of Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University. There you can get the complete syllabus of UG/PF exams 2018.

We hope that the above information about Kanpur University UG/PG exams and Kanpur University syllabus that we had provided above will be helpful for you. At last we would like to say all the very best to the aspirants who have their exams very soon.

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