ITBP SI Previous Year Papers – Sample Papers, Indo Tibetan Border Police Sub Inspector Exam Model Questions

ITBP SI Previous Year Papers

Candidates, if you want to crack the exam with minimum qualifying marks then you must download ITBP SI Previous Year Papers now. Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) has planned to conduct written exam form the candidates who want to get recruited for the post of Sub Inspector. So, if you are the one preparing for Sub Inspector Exam, then you should take help from the Indo Tibetan Border Police Sub Inspector Exam Model Questions to prepare in a better way. Already you must be preparing for the test but you can put more efforts in your studies by taking help from the ITBP SI sample papers. Practicing the previous year papers will help you to maintain your speed. If you will give more time in practice, the chance to crack the exam with good scores will increase. You can also have a look on ITBP SI Sub Inspector Exam along with ITBP SI Previous Year Papers.

Candidates, if you want to build up the confidence in yourself then you must start your preparation of the exam using the previous year papers. The authority wants to recruit 21 eligible candidates for the vacant post of Sub Inspector. For this concern, the organization is going to conduct written test to hire the candidates. So if you want to clear this competitive test you must begin your preparation now taking help of Indo Tibetan Border Police Sub Inspector Sample Papers. Selected candidates in the written test will have to appear for personal interview which will decide the final selection of the aspirants. You can also get the ITBP SI Previous Year Papers from the direct links given below.

Get Below>>> ITBP SI Previous Year Papers

Sub Inspector Previous papers for General Awareness

Indo Tibetan Border Police SI Exam Model Papers for English

ITBP SI (Overseer) Model Papers for Hindi

ITBP SI Previous year Question Papers for General Intelligence & Reasoning

Indo Tibetan Border Police Force Sub Inspector (Overseer) Previous Papers for General Aptitude

ITBP SI Previous Year Papers

 Indo Tibetan Border Police Sub Inspector Question & Answers

Question: 1. Logarithm tables were invented by

  1. John Napier
  2. John Doe
  3. John Harrison
  4. John Douglas

Answer: (1)

Question: 4. Kiran Bedi received Magsaysay Award for government service in

  1. 1992
  2. 1993
  3. 1994
  4. 1995

Answer: (3)

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Question: 3. With which sport is the Jules Rimet trophy associated?

  1. Basketball
  2. Football
  3. Hockey
  4. Golf

Answer: (2)

Question: 4. Joule is the unit of

  1. temperature
  2. pressure
  3. energy
  4. heat

Answer: (3)

Question: 5. Kemal Ataturk was

  1. the first President of Independent Kenya
  2. the founder of modern Turkey
  3. revolutionary leader of Soviet Union
  4. None of the above

Answer: (2)

Question: 6. Milkha Singh Stood ____ in 1960 Olympics, in Athletics.

  1. fourth in 400m final
  2. second in 400m final
  3. eighth in 50km walk
  4. seventh in 800m final

Answer: (1)

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Question: 7. Lal Bahadur Shastri

  1. succeeded Pandit Nehru as the second Prime Minister of India
  2. signed the Tashkent Agreement with Ayub Khan for a ceasefire between India and Pakistan
  3. is also known as “Man of Peace”
  4. All of the above

Answer: (4)

Question: 8. On a night when the sky is clear, the temperature may dip considerably; on a cloudy night the temperature will usually dip much less. The reason for this difference is that

  1. the clear sky allows radiant energy to escape readily from the earth
  2. on a cloudy night the clouds are warm and therefore retard the cooling
  3. the clear sky allows the cold of outer space to reach the earth
  4. current of air carry the heat away from the earth on a clear night

Answer: (1)

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Question: 9. Normally the Commonwealth Games are held at intervals of

  1. 3 years
  2. 4 years
  3. 5 years
  4. there is no fixed interval

Answer: (2)

Question: 10. Mahakavi Kalidas

  1. was one of the greatest Sanskrit poet and dramatist
  2. lived during the region of Chandragupta Vikaramaditya
  3. famous works include Shakutala, Raghuvansha, Meghdoot and Kumara Sambahava
  4. All of the above

Answer: (4)

Question: 11. Olympic emblem is composed of five intertwined rings, each of a different colour, representing the five continents of the world as

  1. Blue ring – Europe; Yellow ring – Asia; Black ring – Africa; Red ring- America; Green ring – Oceania
  2. Blue ring – Asia; Yellow ring – Europe; Black ring – Oceania; Red ring- Africa; Green ring – America
  3. Blue ring – Europe; Yellow ring – Asia; Black ring – Africa; Red ring- Oceania; Green ring – America
  4. Blue ring – Asia; Yellow ring – Europe; Black ring – Africa; Red ring- America; Green ring – Oceania

Answer: (1)

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Question: 12. Name the instrument used to measure relative humidity

  1. Hydrometer
  2. Hygrometer
  3. Barometer
  4. Mercury Thermometer

Answer: (2)

Question: 13. Nuclear power is ____ thermal power.

  1. cheaper than
  2. costlier than
  3. equal in amount
  4. they cannot be related

Answer: (1)

Question: 14. Michael Faraday discovered

  1. electromagnetism
  2. benzene, liquid gases and optical glass
  3. the induction of electric current
  4. All of the above


Question: 15. Mother Teresa won the Nobel Prize for Peace in

  1. 1992
  2. 1979
  3. 1988
  4. 1954

Answer: (2)

Question: 16. Most commonly used bleaching agent is

  1. Alcohol
  2. carbon dioxide
  3. chlorine
  4. sodium chloride

Answer: (3)

Question: 17. Of the UN Agencies, which one specifically aims at further economic development by encouraging productive private enterprise?

  1. United Nations Industrial Development Organisation
  2. International Finance Corporation
  3. International Monetary Fund
  4. World Bank

Answer: (2)

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Question: 18. Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin were the first to

  1. step on the moon
  2. circle the moon
  3. walk in space
  4. journey into space

Answer: (1)

Question: 19. Lime is sometimes applied to soil in order to

  1. increase the alkalinity of the soil
  2. increase the acidity of the soil
  3. restore nitrates to the soil
  4. make the soil more porous

Answer: (1)

Question: 20. Leonardo da Vinci

  1. was a great Italian painter, sculptor and architect
  2. got universal fame form his masterpiece “Monalisa”
  3. drew models of organs such as the heart, lungs and womb
  4. All of the above

Answer. (4)

Police Sub Inspector Exam Pattern:

S. No. Medium Name of Subject No of Questions Maximum Marks Total Duration
1. English General English 20 20  



2 Hours

2. HIndi Quantitative Aptitude 20 20
3. English/ Hindi General Awareness 20 20
4. Reasoning 20 20
5. General Hindi 20 20
Total 100 100
  •  The exam pattern consists of 5 sections that are General English, Quantitative Aptitude, General Awareness, Reasoning and Hindi.
  • Each subject contains 20 questions carrying one mark each that is each subject will be of 20 marks.
  • Duration of the exam is 2 hours.

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Study Tips:

  • Arrange your books or study material at one place.
  • If you like to study in group, then avoid studying with the people who are keen for studies.
  • Always look for the latest updates such as latest syllabus and exam pattern.
  • Don’t cram the topics; try to understand them as will remain in your mind for a long time.
  • Drink plenty of water in a day.
  • Avoid eating junk food items, it can make you feel lazy at the time when you studying.
  • Give online tests to check your preparation.
  • Search for the latest books and edition/ previous year sample papers for preparation.
  • Have a command on the topics which you think you are weak in them.
  • Make a time table to study and daily revision is must for the better preparation.


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