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IFS Preparation Books

IFS Preparation Books is very useful to make better preparation for Indian Forest Service Examination!!! Those who are going to participate for IFS examination and want Best Reference Books for Geology & Forestry of IAS exam may get it from here. Applicants can also download IFS exam Preparation Books via online. Aspirants who want to obtain  IFS Preparation Books must check below section of this page. 

Union public service commission is going to conduct the Indian Forest Service examination various applicants have applied for the same. Those who want to enhance their career in government sector must grab respective job by qualifying the exam with good marks. For this applicants have to study well by using best books for IFS preparation ad little hard work. Candidates who want to check IFS Preparation Books of all subjects must go through till beneath section of this page which is well prepared by the team of resultinbox.com.

IFS Preparation Books

Best Reference Books for IFS exam is available here!! Check below and recommend Best Preparation Books for IFS –

IFS Preparation Books for Agriculture Optional

Books name Author
Soil Science  D.K Das Or Brady
Agronomy  Yellamananda Reddy
Plant Breeding  B.D. Singh
Genetics  B.D.Singh
Physiology  Pandey & Singha
Indroduction To Horticulture  Kumar
Handbook of Agriculture  ICAR
Pathology  Singh
Entomology  Vasantha Raj & David
Entomology  Nitish Shekhar
Special Issue of Agriculture  The Hindu
The Hindu – Survey Of Indian Agriculture
Agriculture Statistics

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IFS Reference books List for Botany

Books name Author
Cell Biology  De Robertis & Ambrose and Easy or Powar
Genetics  Strickberger or Vir Bala Rastogi
Physiology and Biochemistry  Salisbury and Ross or Fritz and Noggle
Ecology  Vir Bala Rastogi and MS Jayaraj and P.D. Singh
Economic Botany  Kochar or Verma
Microbiology  Powars’s two books on microbiology are more than enough.
Pathology  Singh’s book along with a foreign author
Cryptograms  B R Vasista (alage and fungi), P C Vashishta (Pteridophytes gymnosperms) Pandey and Trivedi (both volumes)
Embryology  Bhojwani and Bhatnagar
Plant Anatomy  Esau or B.P. Pandey
Taxonomy  Nair along with Datta

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IFS: Books for Chemical Engineering

Books name Author
Heat Transfer Chris Long, Naser Sayma
Fundamentals of Reaction Engineering Rafael Kandiyoti
Wind Turbines Al-Shemmeri
Hydrocarbons Physical Properties and their Relevance to Utilisation JC Jones
Fundamentals of Reaction Engineering Worked Examples  Rafael Kandiyoti
Chemical Thermodynamics  Leo Lue
Control Engineering  Derek Atherton –
Chemistry  Soren Prip Beier & Peter Dybdahl Hede
Advanced Granulation Theory at Particle Level  Peter Dybdahl Hede



Modelling Batch Systems Using Population Balances
Fluid Bed Particle Processing
Hydrodynamic Modelling and Granular Dynamics
Pressure Driven Membrane Processes Soren Prip Beier


Electrically Driven Membrane Processes
Transport Phenomena

IFS Reference books for Chemistry

Books name Author
Atomic Structure – Principle of physical chemistry Puri, Sharma & Pathwa
Advance Inorganic Chemistry  J.D. Lee
Chemical Periodicity, Chemical bonding,Coordination compound  Maden, Malik, Tuli
Theoretical principles of inorganic chemistry  G S Manku
Extradiction of metals, Principle of inorganic chemistry  Puri, Sharma,  Jauhar.
Rest all the chapters – An advance inorganic chemistry  J.D. Lee
Pollution and its control – A text book of environmental chemistry and pollution  S S Dara
Chemical kinetics – Advance physical chemistry  Gurdeep Raj
Photo chemistry – A text book of physical chemistry (Vol. – IV)  K.L. Kapoor
Advance physical chemistry  Gurdeep Raj
Bonding and shape of organic molecules, Stereo chemistry of carbon compound – Reactions and reagents  O P Agarwal
A guide to mechanism in organic chemistry  Peter Sykes
Rest all the chapters – A text book of organic chemistry  Bahl & Bahl

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Best IFS Books for Civil Engineering

Books name Author
Engineering Mechanics Shames
Mechanics for Engineers B Johnson
Engineering Mechanics Mchean
Limit State Design Ram Chandra
Surveying Punmia
Strength of Material V N Vazaram
Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering A Singh and K R Arora
Strength and Meterials UC. Jindal
Introduction to Mechanics of Solids Crandall
Basic and applied Fluid Mechanics Garde
Strength of material Gere and Timoshenko
Concrete Technology MS Shetty
RCC (WSM) Shyal and Goyal
Steel Structure L S Negi

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IFS: Books for Electrical Engineering

Books name Author
Principles of Electronics  V.K. Mehta
Radio Engineering  G.K. Mithal
Circuit Analysis  Gupta
Electrical Technology  Thereja
Electrical Power  Star
Physics of Semiconductor Devices  Sze
Automatic Control System  Kuo
Elements of Engineering Electromagnetic  Rao
Electromagnetic Waves and Radiating System  Jordan & Balmain
Modern Central Engineering  Ogata
Electromagnetic Waves and Field  R N Singh
Control Systems Engineering  Nagrath Gopal
Semi Conductor  Nagchoudhary
Integrated Circuits  D. Roy Choudhary
Network Analysis  Valkenbury

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IFS: Book List for Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

Books name Author
Network Analysis  Van Valkenburg
Network and Systems  D. Roy Choudhary
Integrated Electronics Jacob Millman & C. Halkias; Millman & Grabel
Integrated Circuits  K R Botkar
Op. Amps & Linear Integrated Circuit  Gayakwad
Digital Logic & Computer Design  Moris Mano
Signals and System  Oppehum, Willsky & Nacob
Automatic Control System  Benjamin C. Kuo
Control System Engg.  Nagrath & Gopal
Principle of Communication System  Taub & Schilling
Communication System  A. Bruu Carlson –
Electromagnetic Waves & Radiating Systems  Jardon & Balmain; JD Kraus

IFS Preparation Books for Forestry

Books name Author
Forest fire Dougal Dixon
Lookouts Ira Spring
Lumberjack William Kurelek
More tree talk Ray Raphael
Meetings with remarkable trees Thomas Pakenham
IFS Indian Forest Service Forestry (Paper I & II) RPH Editorial.
IFS Indian Forest Service Examination Guide (Paper I & II) R Gupta’s
Indian Forestry S.Prabhu.
Planning For Forest Resources And Bio Diversity Managment Kailash Chandra Bebarta
Agroforestry In India K G Tejwani
Forest Resources & Sustainable Development  Kailash Chandra Bebarta

IFS Geology book list

Books name  Author
Geology An Introduction  Kronaris and Krambine
Text Book of Geology  P.K. Mukherjee
Text Book of Physical Geology  Mahapatra
Geomorphology  Woolridge or Tharnbury
Principles of Petrology  G.W. Turrel
Petrography  Williams
Mineral and Crystal Science  V.C. Jesh
Sedimentary Rocks  Petti John
Underground Hydrology  David Keith Toad
Igneous Rocks and Metamorphic Petrology  Turner
Ocean  Squaredrop, Johnson and Bliming
Simple Geological Structure  Plate and Charlincr
Soil Mineralogy  I. E. Grim
A Dictionary of Geology  Morrison

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IFS: Books for Mathematics

Books name Author
Modern Algebra  A. R. Vashisth
Algebra  J N Sharma and S. N. Goyal
Linear Algebra  Schaum Series (Lipshutz) or Sharma and Vashisth
Matrices  Schaum Series (Frank Ayres) or Vashisth
Calculus  I. A. Menon
Coordinate Geometry  R. L. Soni
Solid Mechanism  Kazmioo
Mathematics Dictionary  James
Differential Equations  Schaum Series (Frank Ayres) or N.M. Kapur or Raisinghania –
 Numerical Analysis  S S Sastry
Complex Analysis  Schaum Series or J N Sharma
Operations Research  Kanti Swaroop or Manmohan
Differential Calculus  Gorakh Prasad
Analytical Solid Geometry  Shanti Narayanan
Text Book of Coordinate Geometry  Rai Ballabh
Mechanism  D. S. Mathur
Statistical Mechanism  Carson Horg

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IFS: Books for Mechanical Engineering

Books name Author
Fundamentals of Classed Thermodynamics  Van Wylen
Heat Transfer Gupta Prakash
Heat and Mass Transfer  R. Yadav
Energy Conversion  Sukhalmoy
Environmental Pollution Central Engineering  C S Rao
Surveying and Levelling  T P Kanetkar
Heat Conversion  Arora & Kundwar
Manufacturing Science  R K Jain
Thermodynamics – R Yadav Theory of Mechanics  S S Rattan
Theory of Mechanism and Mechanics  Jagdish Lal.
Mechanic of Solids  Popru
Manufacturing Science Ghosh and Malik
Manufacturing Technology  P N Rao
Production Manangement  R K Jain
Principles of Manufacturing Material & Process Campbeu

IFS Physics Reference books:

Books name Author
Physics Vol I & II David Haliday and Resnick (for basic concepts)
Mechanics  D.S. Mathur, B S Agarwal –
Waves and Oscillations  Brijlal & Subramanyam, B S Agarwal
Optics  Brijlal& Subramanyam, B S Agarwal, Ajoy & Ghatak
Thermal Physics  Singal, Agarwal & Prakash, B S Agarwal, Shah & Srivastava
Electricity & Magnetism  D C TAyal, B S Agarwal, Griffith
Any fundamental book on electrical engineering like  B.L Thareja (Vol 1) or Vincent Del Tero
Modern Physics  A Beiser (Concepts of modern physics), S.L. Gupta, B S Agarwal, J B Rajan
Electronics  Milman & Halkias, S. Ramnam, Ryder or Bolstead, Malvina
Properties of Matter  B. Aggarwal
Atomic Physics  J B Rajan
Fundamental of Magnetism electricity  B.N. Basudeva
A Text Book of Sound  Khanna & Bedi
Nuclear Physics  D C Tayal
Introduction of Electrodynamics  Griffith
Advanced Level Physics  Nelkon & Parkar
University Physics  Zeemasky
Numerical Problems  B. Lal & Subrahmanyam
Quantum Mechanics  A Ghatak
A Dictionary of Physics  Goldstein

Best IFS Books for Statistics:

Books name Author
An Introduction to Probability Theory & Mathematical Statistics V K Rohtagi
Fundamentals of Mathematical Statistics  SC Gupta
Fundamentals of Statistics (2 Vol.) A M Goon, M K Gupta and B Dass Gupta
Introductory Probability and Statistical Applications  Paul Meyer
Sampling Techniques William G. Cochran
Sampling Theory of Surveys with applications  B. V Sukhatme & B V Sukhatme
An Outline of Statistical Theory (2 Vol.) A M Goon, M K Gupta and B .Dass Gupta
Fundamentals of Mathematical Statistics A C Gupta and V K Kapoor
Fundamentals of Applied Statistics  S C Gupta and V K Kapoor

IFS Books for Zoology:

Books name Author
Cell and molecular biology De Robertis, C B Powar
Comparative anatomy of vertebrate zoology Kent
Animal physiology H.R. Singh, Vander
Biochemistry Harper, Leninger, Stryer, Rao
Embryology Balinsky, A.K. Berry, Vir Bala Rastogi
Organic evolution Veer Bala Rastogi
Genetics P.K. Gupta, Gardner, Ahluwalia, Vir Bala  Rastogi
Invertebrates R.L. Kotpal, Nigam, Jordan
Vertebrates R.L. Kotpal, Nigam, Jordan and Varma
Ecology P.D. Sharma, Odum, Vir Bala Rastogi and MS Jayaraj, Kotpal and Bali
Economic Zoology Shukla and Upadhaya, Kotpal- Khetrapal – Aggarwal
Ethology Reena Mathur, Magazines like Science Reporter, Nature
General Zoology Storer and Usurger
Physiology H.R. Singh
Evolution Vir Bala Rastogi

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IFS Syllabus

UPSC IFS Exam Pattern

Best Reference Books for IFS Exam for General Studies:

Books name Author
An Introduction to the Constitution of India D D Basu
Perspectives on Indian Constitution Edited Subash Kashyap
Anatomy & Physiology Evelyn Pearce
An Evolution of Indian Economy I.C.Dhingra (Sultan Chand & Co)
Indian Economy  Dutt & Sundaram
Economic Survey of India Government of India
General Principles of World Geography Charles Farro
Monsoon Asia Charles Farro
Good School Atlas Oxford
Modern India Bipin Chandra
History of Modern India AC Banerjee
Statistical Methods S.C.Gupta
Pratiyogita Darpan
The Hindu
The Hindu & Times of India Newspapers
Frontline and Political & Economic weekly Periodicals
Yojana & World Focus Periodicals

IFS Preparation Books PDF

Books Name Author Direct link
Indian Polity For Upsc 3E By Laxmikanth Get PDF
Empire Forestry and the Origins of Environmentalism By Gregory Allen Barton Get PDF
American Indians and National Forests By Theodore Catton Get PDF
Sustainable Forest Management: From Concept to Practice


by John L. Innes, Anna V. Tikina Get PDF
Traditional Forest-Related Knowledge: Sustaining Communities, Ecosystems and …


by John A. Parrotta, Ronald L. Trosper Get PDF
Urban Forests, Trees, and Greenspace: A Political Ecology Perspective


by L. Anders Sandberg, Adrina Bardekjian, Sadia Butt Get PDF
Forest Ecosystems: Analysis at Multiple Scales By Richard H. Waring, Steven W. Running Get PDF
Managing Forests as Complex Adaptive Systems: Building Resilience to the …


by Christian Messier, Klaus J. Puettmann, K. David Coates Get PDF
A Forest of Time: American Indian Ways of History

By Peter Nabokov

  Get PDF
Indian Forestry Through the Ages By Sharad Singh Negi Get PDF

IFS Exam Pattern

Paper Subject Maximum Marks
Paper-I General English 300
Paper-II General Knowledge 300
Paper-III Any two subjects
to be selected from the list
of the optional subjects.
Each subject will have
two papers, 200 marks
for each paper.
Total Marks 1400

Facts about IFS Examination:

Indian Forest Service Examination refers to IFS examination and it is conducted by the Union public service commission. IFS exam is conducted in two stages that is preliminary and mains. Applicants will be selected on the basis of written examination and personal interview. Contenders, who have applied for concerned exam to grab jobs in government sector, need to under for different rounds such as prelims, mains and interview round. As the commission intends to recruit the eligible contenders thus, they observe the ability of the applicants on different stages.


Candidates hope you are satisfied with this page which is well prepared concerning IFS Preparation Books. To get Best Reference Books for Indian Forest Service Examination or details about examination must hit the official link. To attain any latest details regarding best books for IFS exam Preparation must bookmark this site by pressing ctrl+d.

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