IBPS PO Interview Questions for 2017 with their Answers, Most Common Bank PO Questions you shouldn’t miss

IBPS PO Interview Questions

Passed candidates From IBPS PO Online Exam shouldn’t miss this IBPS PO Interview Questions…..! There are numerous of banks which aim to provide good faculty, so every bank hires PO who is eligible and suitable for them. Though there are lots of requirement for being a Probationary Officer, but you need not to worry if u wish to be a PO in IDBI. We are here with IBPS PO Interview Questions, and will guide you Perfect Interview Strategy for this interview along with their answers. It’s not an easy task to reach such designation; one must have first need to clear IBPS PO Online Exam and then final decision will depend upon interview round. So grab the most common Questions through this article of IBPS PO Interview Questions for 2017. 

As we know in the government field, PO is the one of the fastest leading career as their working includes various professional experiments, handling compliments from customers and many others. They are basically outcome of several years of experience and hard work. Review this page of www.resultinbox.com, as we have provided very useful and perfect interview strategy for Interview exam which are required to get selected for Probationary Officer post in Institute of Banking Personnel Selection.

IBPS PO Interview Questions

Before knowing the Questions and answers that are commonly asked in IBPSC PO Interview round, candidates should that why this interview round is held as through online exam one can judge your skills and knowledge but then what else the recruiter wants to know about the candidates?? Here are the reason behind this round is that recruiting panel wants to know that how productive the particular interviewee is by asking him some common questions. Now candidate’s needs to know the questions that are asked in this round, so let’s have a look…

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Question: Introduce Yourself ?

First question which is commonly asked in any interview that you must aware and well prepared with perfect answer that is Tell me about yourself or Introduce Yourself, so here you need that perfect answer.

Ans. Walk in confidently and start describing yourself with your name, qualification and don’t forget to thank them for giving opportunity. You can also tell your achievement made so far, your likes, interest and make sure that your interview is brief.

Question: Why do you want to join banking sector?

Ans. This is another common question asked in bank’s interview, here you need to describe you interest towards this sector. As you can use these lines… I would like to make my future in this sector because it offers ample scope for individual, vertical growth as it is considered as a backbone of Indian economy. Also, through this one can made their career secure.

Question: What is bank?

Ans. Remember you need to answer every question professionally even if question is very easy.  A monetary organization which deals in accepting, lending money and other related services. Keep it simple and short…

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Question: What is Cheque?

It is vital negotiable instrument which can be transferred by mere hand delivery which is one of the safest and convenient ways to do payment. There are 7 types of cheques namely: Bearer Cheque, order cheque, Uncrossed / Open Cheque, Crossed Cheque, Anti-Dated Cheque, Post-Dated Cheque & Stale Cheque.

Question: What is Demand Draft?

This is another negotiable instrument which is used for effecting transforming of money which is basically payable on demand. It is valid for period of 3 months.

Question: What is KYC?

KYC is the policy through which banks indentify and verify the customer’s identity which is known as know your customer policy. This scheme was established to find out the corrupted money as in this client needs to deposit some documents with bank.

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Question: What are your salary expectations?

Ans. Sir, as I’m newcomer, salary is not important for me. First of all I need a stage to grow my skills and gain knowledge. If I do this well confidently I will get handful salary.

Question: Can you give three reasons why would you like to join our Bank?

Ans. I can give perfect answer to this, firstly you company is one of the rapidly growing and can give me opportunity for faster improvement as a professional. Secondly, your very strong values systems support my vision of viewing me as a project leader in you organization. Thirdly and most important your company is employee and customer oriented.

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Question: What is Inflation?

Ans. Inflation is that situation where money decreasing the value hence prices of goods and services will go up.

Question: What is an NRI a/c?

Ans. NRI are known as “Non Resident Indian” it is that case where any nonresident or you can say person outside of Indian, open an SB a/c in Indian National banks. These accounts are called NRI a/cs.

Question: What is Reverse Repo rate?

Ans. The rate at which central bank of a country pays interest to the banks as in India Reserve bank of India do this process.

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Question: What do you know about Foreign exchange reserves?

Ans. Foreign exchange reserves are the assets that are held by central bank or other financial Institutions of particular country. The reserves are usually in a variety of currencies form such as in US dollar and other.

Question: What is fiscal deficit?

Ans. fiscal deficit is basically a difference between total expenditures and total Revenue of the government or we can also say that when total expenditures of government exceed to total Revenue, deficits occurs.

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