How to Pass Supplementary Exams in 10 Days, Tips to Clear/Crack Compartment Board, University Exam

How to Pass Supplementary Exams 

Got Compartment or back in any of your exam and don’t know what to do… well for you, on below we’ve discussed here How to Pass Supplementary Exams in 10 Days. Just prepare well this time, may you don’t have don’t have enough time but it is easy & possible too, Guys, Compartment is not an issue of getting ashamed but to be strong, prepare once more and attempt that exam to achieve success. Check out, Tips to Clear/Crack Compartment Board, University Exam.

Compartment or Supplementary exam is that exam which is carried by all the Boards and Universities after academic examination, conducts Supplementary Exams  or so called Compartment test every session, just to give another chance to pass the exam specially for the student who didn’t qualify due to some reason. Here are some important tips to pass these such second ‘Compartment’ exams which is well furnished by the team members of

How to Pass Supplementary Exams

Dear readers you don’t need to worry if you’ve got compartment, be calm and read these tricks carefully as these are very helpful for preparing in 10 Days for cracking or passing Supplementary Exams;

1) It’s necessary to Study Notes

Remember, you are required to read each and all as Whole of Your Notes. Study attentively your notes, don’t rely on cramming this may create fear of to study large amount of material. No matter whether you attend tuitions or study by yourself, reading and learning from notes or key points always an effective part of studying, so make you habit of having notes and learning from them.

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2) Keeping notes of Formulas is always a good opt.

Yes, making Note & Learning Important Formulas is important. The very first and most of the important step is to write down all the important formulas, as you can’t bring a sheet or your own scratch paper into the exam therefore Store all the important difficult formulas in your mind just right before you are going for the exam.

3) One Must Have a Good Time Management

Having a control on timings while answering tough or particular question or queries from a certain section will help you a lot to allot time and complete it in time with accuracy.  Maintain time as don’t spend so much time solving a difficult question early. In exam some questions are harder and solving them first will make you run out of time so attempt easy ones.

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4) Way of Writing Matters a Lot

This is a key point to cover approx 30% of exam to pass; you must write in such a way that it should be understandable and readable by anyone. Students who didn’t have accurate information but they are quite good at high-quality writing acquires the excellent marks. It plays a vital role in the test, students with the nastiest hand writing is forever the last preferable.  If you are near to the ground at hand writing, you must get better your writing for enhanced results.

5) Be Firm To Attempting All Questions @Any How

Attempting all questions is compulsory, begin your study do hard work, this will help you to attain a high score in examination. Try to solve previous years question & papers, as you have to learn paper of main exam of that subject. We don’t say that attempt tough ones first, but start from easiest and then lastly solve the tricky questions too.

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6) Learn making Guess

Well, for this we suggest you practice well because guessing is what makes you firm about a topic you’ve even studied or just read out for once. Candidates are required to develop the fine art of guessing the answers The basic process is to rule out answer choices you know are incorrect and then examine the remaining choices for hints, this will eliminate them as well. Estimate which one you think may be the closest answer, and then plug in the numbers to solve the problem backward.

7) Be Confident

Don’t leave positivity as being confident you can beat any kind of situations and exams are just small ones. Yep! Consider this, you do require to concern about your results and just focus on your upcoming exam. Forget all negative things and be ready to prepare very well for your exam. Take mind set to improve your marks and trust that Good preparation always makes positive results….

8) Stop Stressing

Don’t waste your time in worrying and too much thinking. Revise main point, your notes & brief summary. During exam time set your time according to your exam. At first read whole question paper, take time to read them well, then it will be easy for you. Because reading it will make things clear about questions you know well, queries you’re familiar with, or tough ones.

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9) Understand Question First then Attempt

Always try to Focus on your studies with full dedication and understand by learning the concepts clearly. Solve previous years question papers or mock question papers in order to learn time management

10) You’ve to start Preparation by Now

Just think about giving your best, and don’t worry about the rest, But, do not study a day before the exam. Do not think about how difficult or easy the paper would be.

Memory Tips

  • To remember anything, the brain decides that thing on the basis of value and justification. The priority of the mind also works in this sequence.
  • The first step to remember is to know the meaning, so remembering anything can mean its meaning.
  • Divide the allotted time as per the sections, Read the section thoroughly and then answer questions
  • If the meaning is not understood then there is no point in crying.
  • So first remember the lesson or text that you have to remember, first understand its meaning and then consider its importance and value.
  • Know ‘what is the rightness of that matter in your life’.
  • Do not forget to carry your admit card at the time of the examination

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Write down steps, methods, take notes, and do not move to another topic, till you are clear about what you are studying. Please share it with others and you siblings to help them too and remember please don’t lose hope; we proudly say that you can do it, just prepare and work hard… All the Best!!

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