How to Deal with Exam Stress| Tips to overcome any Exam Anxiety, Look straight in the Competitive Exams Eye

How to Deal with Exam Stress

Proclamation & Commencement of examinations, always come with stress!!! But it is absolutely possible to overcome any Exam Anxiety. So candidates, here we are providing some steps on “How to Deal with Exam Stress”. At one point of time, each and every person will surely face exam strain. Thus, it is an inescapable section of life that can be as difficult as to chink a nut. However, one should keep aware that this stress arises due to some reasons and this raised stress can leads to downfall!! In order to combat these exam traumas, one can work on their loophole which causes stress.  For this, you need to recognize the reason behind Exam Anxiety!! So for candidates who are facing this problem we are providing some tips that help them to Look straight in the Competitive Exams Eye.

How to Deal with Exam Stress

How to Deal with Exam Stress

According to various studies, different researchers have proclaimed some common reasons behind exam stress and these are as follows:

  • Competition from peers
  • Lowe level of inspiration
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Deficiency in planning, preparation and implementing
  • High expectations from others

Tips to overcome any Exam Anxiety

Exam stress will be surely irritable, depressed and having a lot of negative consequences!! So to deal with this exam anxiety, we are providing some proves tips on How to Deal with Exam Stress. Have a look!!

# Craft a plan

First and foremost step in reducing Exam Stress is to craft a plan!! Firstly, make a plan according to time left for examination and as per syllabus of the examination. For this, one can make a timetable. Ensure your exam syllabi and ask the teacher about the material you will be responsible for.  Always divide time for each and every subject. Give more emphasis on difficult subject.

# Study on Regular Basis

Candidates are advised to study on regular basis. Make a proper plan and commence preparing for the exams according to the set rules.  Commence study as early as possible when you came to know about the examinations. For securing good marks, one can start preparing well before the exam announcements. There are various Reasons for Exam Stress that arises while preparing such as:

  • Insufficient exercise
  • Lack of nutritious diets
  • Not scheduling available time
  • Low level of Confidence
  • Poor studying style
  • Inadequate knowledge
  • Less of Concentration
  • Improper Sleep

So, start working on these loopholes!! While studying place the notes in your own words. Take help from experts, from your teachers, once can also surf online.

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# Don’t compare yourself with others

How to Deal with Exam Stress

Never judge yourself with others!! Everyone has their own kind. Sometimes, an alternative to comparing with other leads to downfall resulting excess of stress!! It is a true fact that, we want to gain and become more powerful than other. In this queue, we start judging ourselves with others. So, when you are struck in this condition, stop yourself and take a deep breath and thing was it right!! Everyone has strength points as well as weak ones!!

# Prepare Notes

Straight and simple answer to How to Deal with Exam Stress, one can take the help of notes. Do not depend upon your book or on your memory, concrete and focus while class time and prepare notes in the mean time when the teacher was summarizing. If your exam stress is taking your control, you can go through your notes that you have prepared while the class time, as it will help you in assisting things that was happened in class that you didn’t even take notes on, further giving you a sense of mastery over your material.

# Work on Psychological Factors

How to Deal with Exam Stress

One can follow below given steps to overcome the strain of examination, as these will surely proves a onetime solution for your problem. Let’s take a look!!

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# Take breaks

As per psychology studies, human brain can concrete on one chore effectively for about 45 minutes only. In addition to, it is also specified that centering on the same thing for too long reduce the brain’s capability to exactly process it.     So, while studying take frequent breaks. During this break Eat properly, take a short walk, listen songs or whatever you like!!!

Lifestyle problem Psychological factors Poor studying styles
  • Inadequate Rest
  • Poor Nutrition
  • Too Many Stimulants
  • Insufficient Exercise
  • Not Scheduling Available Time
  • Not Prioritizing Commitments


  • Irrational Beliefs
  • irrational demands
  • Fake Predictions
  • Negative thinking
  • Self-criticism
  • Illogical thinking
  • Reading Without Understanding
  • Not Making Revision Notes
  • Not Revising
  • Inconsistent Content Coverage
  • Trying To Memorize The Textbook
  • Binge Studying

Hope above stated tips on How to Deal to stress helps you in reducing exam stress. All the best for your examination!! Give us feedback by posting your comment in comment box given below. For more updates, stay linked with us!!!


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