Bihar Police Constable Previous Year Papers | Download PDF CSBC Bihar Police Solved Sample Question Papers

Bihar Police Constable Previous Year Papers

For selection to Constable Positions, Central Selection Board of Council, Bihar will hold Written Exam on schedule date. For better preparation of exam you actually need Bihar Police Constable Previous Year Papers which will help the candidates to know that which type of questions will ask in exam. So, applicants who are going to prepare for exam may get the Bihar Police Constable Solved Question Papers through this page. You can also download the Bihar Police Constable Sample Paper PDF from official site through online process and prepare accordingly.

By regular practicing from CSBC, Bihar Police Constable Previous Year Papers increases the level of applicant’s confidence, accuracy and speed to solve questions. By solving the old Bihar Police Constable Question Papers, you will come to know what type of questions will be constantly asked. And you can prepare the constantly asked questions very well. For more details regarding Bihar Police Previous Question Paper, candidates need go through the below section of this page which is created by the team members of

Bihar Police Constable Previous Year Papers

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Bihar Police Constable Model Paper Download PDF
Previous Year Paper of Bihar Police Constable Download PDF
CSBC Previous Year Papers For English Download PDF
Bihar Police Constable Previous Year Papers For Maths Download PDF
Bihar Police Constable Previous Year Papers For Hindi Download PDF

Bihar Police Constable Question Paper with Answers

Question 1: Foremost

  1. Hindmost
  2. Unimportant
  3. Disposed
  4. Mature
  5. Premature

Answer: 2

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Question 2: Ram was / senior to / Sam in college.

  1. Ram was
  2. senior to
  3. Sam in college
  4. No Error

Answer: 4

Question 3: It was him / who came / running / into the classroom.

  1. It was him
  2. who came
  3. running
  4. into the classroom
  5. No Error

Answer: 1

Question 4: The probability that an electronic device produced by a company does not function properly is equal to 0.1. If 10 devices are bought, then the probability, to the nearest thousandth, that 7 devices function properly is

  1. 057
  2. 478
  3. 001
  4. 0

Answer: 1

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Question 5: The period of 2 sin x cos x is

  1. 4 pi 2
  2. 2 pi
  3. 4 pi
  4. pi

Answer: 4

Question 6: When a metallic ball bearing is placed inside a cylindrical container, of radius 2 cm, the height of the water, inside the container, increases by 0.6 cm. The radius, to the nearest tenth of a centimeter, of the ball bearing is

  1. 1 cm
  2. 2 cm
  3. 2 cm
  4. 6 cm

Answer: 2

Question 7: The period of | sin (3x) | is

  1. 2 pi
  2. 2 pi / 3
  3. pi / 3
  4. 3 pi

Answer: 3

Question 8: The territory of Porus who offered strong resistance to Alexander was situated between the rivers of

  1. Sutlej and Beas
  2. Jhelum and Chenab
  3. Ravi and Chenab
  4. Ganga and Yamuna

Answer: 2

Question 9: Under Akbar, the Mir Bakshi was required to look after

  1. military affairs
  2. the state treasury
  3. the royal household
  4. the land revenue system

Answer: 1

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Question 10: Tripitakas are sacred books of

  1. Buddhists
  2. Hindus
  3. Jains
  4. None of the above

Answer: 1

Question 11: The latitudinal differences in pressure delineate a number of major pressure zones, which correspond with

  1. zones of climate
  2. zones of oceans
  3. zones of land
  4. zones of cyclonic depressions

Answer: 1

Question 12: The higher the wind speed and the longer the fetch or distance of open water across which the wind blows and waves travel, the ____ waves and the ____ energy they process.

  1. larger, more
  2. larger, less
  3. smaller, more
  4. smaller, less

Answer: 1

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Question 13: The hazards of radiation belts include

  1. deterioration of electronic circuits
  2. damage of solar cells of spacecraft
  3. adverse effect on living organisms
  4. All of the above

Answer: 4

Question 14: The great Victoria Desert is located in

  1. Canada
  2. West Africa
  3. Australia
  4. North America

Answer: 3

Question 15: Time taken by the constituent Assembly to prepare Constitution is

  1. 3 years 7 months 8 days
  2. 2 years 11 months 17 days
  3. 2 years 10 months 7 days
  4. 2 years 3 months 17 days

Answer: 2

Question 16: In the national flag what shall be the ratio of the weidth to the lenth. What is the width-length ratio of the national flag?

  1. 2:3
  2. 3:4
  3. 2:5
  4. 3:5

Answer: 1

Question 17: The system of dyarchy was introduced by the

  1. Government of India Act 1919
  2. Indian Councils Act, 1909
  3. Charter Act, 1913
  4. Charter Act, 1933

Answer: 1

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Question 18: Which of the following is a non metal that remains liquid at room temperature?

  1. Phosphorous
  2. Bromine
  3. Chlorine
  4. Helium

Answer: 2

Question 19: Which of the following is used in pencils?

  1. Graphite
  2. Silicon
  3. Charcoal
  4. Phosphorous

Answer: 1

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Question 20: The chemical (ethyl mercaptan) added to the otherwise odourless LPG cooking gas for imparting a detectable smell to the gas is a compound of

  1. Bromine
  2. Fluorine
  3. Chlorine
  4. Sulphur

Answer: 4


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