10 Awesome Tips to Crack SSB Interview| Exploring all the facets of NDA SSB Interview & tips to Crack It

10 Awesome Tips to Crack SSB Interview

SSB Interview is the ultimate gateway for the candidates for desired to be a part of Services Selection Board. Hereby we are providing 10 Awesome Tips to Crack SSB Interview. One who has dreamt to serve their country and is able to do so, is in fact a blessing to those who are able to achieve it. That one must be contented as most honorable and respected tribute to be a part of the armed forces and contribute to keeping our nation safe and secure from invaders. Individuals who are able to qualify the written examination must have proceeded towards the final lap “SSB Interview”. So, in this page we are Exploring all the facets of NDA SSB Interview & tips to Crack It.

10 Awesome Tips to Crack SSB Interview

Annually, thousands of contenders who aspired to enhance their career with Services Selection Board and wish to contribute their service towards nation apply against written examinations like National Defence Academy (NDA), Combined Defence Services (CDS), and etc. While few of them manage to takes themselves to the final lap, that is, SSB interview. As there is no exemption on number of attempts so one can apply against it several times till the success. Ideally, SSB interview focuses on aptitude and personality and of a prospective aspirant and it takes a period of five days to make a decision. Therefore, the Interviewing Officer has much time to conclude and completely comprehend each contender’s potential to perform as well as be compatible. So, on this page we are providing 10 Awesome Tips to Crack SSB Interview.

10 Awesome Tips to Crack SSB Interview

Facets of NDA SSB Interview

Final lap will consist of series of projection tests that an individual have to depict based on several qualities, characteristic behavior by putting them through these test such as Intelligence Test, Psychology Tests and others. Mainly, there are five tests as under:

Day 1: On the very first day, Intelligence Test (Verbal and Non-Verbal), Picture Perception Test was taken. Individuals who are able to qualify this test need to appear for next test.

Day 2Psychology Tests takes place on second day. It will consist of Thematic Appreciation Test, Word Association Test, Situation Reaction Test and Self Description Test.

Day 3 and Day 4: Group Testing Officers (GTO) Tests such as Group Discussion, Group Planning exercise, Progressive Group Tasks, Group Obstacles, Command Task, Lecturette topics and Final Group Task and also the personal interview.

Day 5On the last Day, candidates who are able to qualify all four rounds have to meet the Assessors for final meeting.

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Tips to Crack NDA SSB Interview

# 1 Diagnose your strengths

As Lakhs of candidates apply against National Defence Academy exam so there is a high level of competition. So, while appearing for NDA SSB Interview, Diagnose your strengths as well as your loopholes, so that you can work on time of your weak points and maintain your strength using hard work. Traits that should be taken into consideration are organizational ability, Leadership skills, creativity, positive attitude and initiative.

# 2 Keep awared about Current Affairs

While practicing for other tests such as Intelligence Test, Psychology Tests, Group Testing Officers (GTO) Tests and other, one should ignore the Current Affairs section. Candidates are advised that they must be awared about stuff related to general awareness and have proficient knowledge of current affairs.

As most of the times, interviewer asks question related to general knowledge and current affairs. Don’t forget to read newspaper, magazines, etc.

 # 3 Physical fitness

As there are various tests which required full strength and stamina that may cause exhaustness and tiredness. So, you have to be physically fit, as you have to undergo various tasks. Be cautious of the way you walk and sit, don’t look indolent from your pace. If you are physically fit, it should be reflected by your body itself. Work out, do running, and avoid eating oily foods and exercise regularly.

# 4 Practice

Brush up your skills and it is only possible when you do hard work and lots of practice. We all are aware about the fact that practice makes a man perfect. So, before appearing to SSC Interview practice well. You can take help of your experts, surf online and practice from there.

# 5 Cultivate Confidence, Improve Oratory Skills

This is something, you should lay more emphasis. Having confidence if different thing, but over confidence, will pay you off. So, give out positive vibes and perform well in personal interview, group discussion, group task etc. Oratory skills will also plays an important role while group discussion, group task etc. so, try to invest a while working on these areas.

# 6 Coaching Classes

After qualifying the SSB exam, we advised you to go for Coaching Classes as it will give direction to your efforts, provide expert guide and much more. Coaching Classes also reflect the main agenda to crack the SSB Interview. Thus, increase our skills, confidence and physical power.

# 7 Be Friendly with your group

As you have been interviewed for a long period of time and SSB Interview is divided into various test such as Psychology Tests, Thematic Appreciation Test, Word Association Test, and Final Group Task, etc, so one have to perform all these in a group. So, Be Friendly with your group. Avoid passing comments over each other maintain a pleasant tone while talking.

# 8 Know yourself and things around you

Candidates who are going to appear in the interview round are suggested to prepare well in advance and be ready with data about yourself such as your strengths, loopholes, good/bad qualities, grades, achievements, etc. in comparison to it, stay determined about the information concerning  your family like their occupation, good/bad points etc. Make sure that you know in details about your hobbies or the games you have played.

# 9 Appearances

Appearance is the first sight where interviewer starts from. As recent studies clarifies that, dressing style also influence the decision while hiring an individual. So, also dress according to the position for which you are likely to apply and are being interview.

# 10 Avoid a monotone

Always speak in a polite tone, listen carefully and then answer. Don’t forget to wish all your interviewers by hand shake. Never forget, be enthusiastic, Speak with clarity and confidence. Converse slower than usual sense and vary your tone and dynamics a little. So in order to get success in the gateway follow these 10 Awesome Tips to Crack SSB Interview.

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SSB Interview Preparation Books

Candidates who want to get success in SSB Interview can take the help of below given Preparation Books. Have a look!!!

10 Awesome Tips to Crack SSB Interview

  • Pathfinder for NDA & NA Entrance Examination National Defence Academy/Naval Academy Conducted by UPSC
  • DA/NA Practice Papers Conducted by UPSC
  • NDA/NA (National Defence Academy/Naval Academy) Examination Guide: Entrance Examination (Popular Master Guide)
  • 10 Practice Sets NDA and NA
  • Pathfinder NDA Avum NA Pravesh Pariksha Rastriya Raksha Academy Avum Nausena Academy Conducted by UPSC (Hindi)
  • Objective General Science with Subjective (Useful for IAS, IES, NDA/NA, CDS, SSC, RAILWAY, IBPS, SBI, AIPMT, AIEEE, JEE, MBA, NCERT & State Service etc)
  • NDA and NA Entrance Examination: Previous Solved Papers
  • NDA – NA Solved Paper
  • Let’s Crack SSB Interview
  • SSB Interviews & Psycho Intelligence Tests by M.L.Batura
  • Get Success In SSB Interviews
  • Modern SSB Interviews by Col. Kuldip S. Dosanjh
  • SSB Interview: The complete Guide by N.K. Natarajan
  • SSB: What? How? And Why? – By J.B.Mall

All the Best!!! We hope that above specified 10 Awesome Tips to Crack SSB Interview helps you in getting success. For related stuff, stay linked with us. Do feedback by posting your valuable comments in the comment box!!


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