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AIIMS Mock Test


Are you searching AIIMS Mock Test PDF? Then we will provide you AIIMS MBBS Online Practice Test Series on this page. Those individuals, who are going to appear in AIIMS MBBS Entrance exam, they might be doing their exam preparation. So, students we are suggested you that you should attend AIIMS free online mock test every day, this will help you to remember each and every topic and also will be helpful to crack the exam. So candidates, now we are giving you AIIMS MBBS Entrance Exam Online Practice Test Series. By the help of this, you will surely gain better understanding of the AIIMS Medical Entrance Exam.

We have heard an axiom that “Practice makes a Man Perfect” in reality it is also a truth. When you do practice more and more then each and every question will be on your commands. The practice Test Series of AIIMS MBBS Entrance Exam will help the students to get familiar with AIIMS exam pattern and difficulty level of the actual test. To avoid any revelations in the actual exam, you must practice expansively from AIIMS previous years Question Papers. To get further details about AIIMS MBBS Mock Test 2018, candidates are required to scroll down the whole page which is well structured by the team of

AIIMS 2018 MBBS Exam:

All India Institute of Medical Science MBBS exams will be a single paper of 3 hours & 30 minutes, which will include 200 multiple choice questions. The paper will be divided into 4 sections, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and General knowledge. Physics, Chemistry and Biology sections will contain 60 questions each and the last section General Knowledge will have 20 questions.

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The MBBS Entrance Exam is conducted every year by AIIMS, New Delhi. The AIIMS MBBS Entrance Exam specializes in educating students about several patterns in Medical Education. AIIMS 2018 examination is a national level examination, which is regulated by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. AIIMS MBBS exam will be considered for providing admission to students in the MBBS programme offered by AIIMS, New Delhi, Bhopal, Jodhpur, Rishikesh, Bhubnaeswar, Patna and Raipur. AIIMS exam will be organized to offer admission in 700 MBBS seats offered by AIIMS institutions. This exam will be conducted through CBT (computer based test) in various cities. Here we are providing details about AIIMS 2018 exam, including application form, eligibility, exam pattern, syllabus, etc.

AIIMS Mock Test 

Why you should choose AIIMS MBBS mock test online??

  • User friendly screen design and website
  • Practice test available for subject order
  • Random questions practice strengthens the subject knowledge base
  • Practicing the tests – Chapter wise make the students concentrate in the weaker area
  • Every Mock Test increases the self-assurance

 Important Subject & Chapter of AIIMS Medical Entrance Exam Entrance Exams

Physics Chemistry Biology General Knowledge
Physical world and Measurement Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry The Living World Awards
Scalar and Vector Equilibrium Plant Kingdom Books and Authors
Circular Motion Hydrocarbons Photosynthesis India and The World
Gravitation Alcohols , Phenols and Ethers Viruses Dates
Magnetism Isomerism Protista Computer
Waves Structure of Atom Animal Tissues Indian History
Atoms and Nuclei Thermodynamics Chromosomes Indian Economy
Modern Physics Radioactivity Evolution General Science
Universe Bimolecular Classification of Animals Government Programmes
Laws of Motion d- and f- Block Elements Plantae Organisations

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AIIMS free mock test Questions:

Q-1) During the unfolding reaction of a helix, breakage of each hydrogen bond requires about 2kJ/mol. This implies hydrogen bonds are

  1. much stronger in proteins than in water
  2. not reformed with water
  3. slightly weaker in proteins than in water
  4. slightly stronger in proteins than in water

Answer- 4

Q-2) If the enthalpy change for a reaction is zero, ΔG° is equal to

  1. TΔS°
  2. -TΔS°
  3. -ΔH°
  4. lnKeq

Answer- 2

Q-3) Reactions that have positive standard free energy changes (ΔGo> 0) can be made to occur in cells by

  1. coupling them with exergonic reactions via a common intermediate
  2. manipulating the concentrations of products and reactants such that G/<0
  3. coupling them to the hydrolysis of ATP
  4. all of the above

Answer- 4

Q-4) If the Standard Gibb’s free energy, ΔG°, for a reaction is positive then

  1. the products will be favored
  2. the reactants will be favored
  3. the concentration of the reactants and products will be equal
  4. all of the reactant will be converted to product

Answer- 2

Q-5) The Standard Gibb’s free energy, ΔG°, is

  1. the residual energy present in the reactants at equilibrium
  2. the residual energy present in the products at equilibrium
  3. the difference in the residual energy of reactants and products at equilibrium
  4. the energy required to convert one mole of reactants to one mole of products

Answer- 4

Q-6) Beta pleated sheets are examples of protein’s

  1. primary structure
  2. secondary structure
  3. tertiary structure
  4. quaternary structure

Answer- 2

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Q-7) Metastasis involves

  1. ability of cells to dissolve cellular matrix
  2. metalloprotein levels
  3. decreased levels of proteins that regulate metalloproteins
  4. all of the above

Answer- 4

Q-8) Signal sequences are part of a protein that

  1. signal folding of the protein
  2. signal the protein synthesis on the ribosomes is ended
  3. transport proteins to other sites within the cell
  4. refold proteins in prion-associated diseases

Answer- 3

Q-9) Individuals with PKU disease are mentally retarded unless

  1. phenylalanine in the diet is restricted
  2. tyrosine in the diet is restricted
  3. homogentisic acid in the diet is restricted
  4. none of the above

Answer- 1

Q-10) Which of those immunoglobulin classes is mainly found in external secretions?

  1. Ig A
  2. Ig D
  3. Ig M
  4. IgE

Answer- 1

Q-11) Papain digest IgG into

  1. two Fab fragments and one Fc fragment
  2. three Fab fragments and two Fc fragments
  3. two Fab fragments and two Fc fragments
  4. three Fab fragments and three Fc fragments

Answer- 1

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Q-12) Antibodies can be used

  1. for the localization of proteins in the cell
  2. for protein purification
  3. to catalyze chemical reactions
  4. all of the above

Answer- 4

Q-13) Type A blood

  1. can be used to donate to type AB individuals
  2. can be used to donate to type B individuals
  3. contains type B antigens on the surface of red blood cells
  4. can always be used to donate to an Rh+ individual

Answer- 1

Q-14) Fructose is metabolized by

  1. fructose 1-phosphate pathway
  2. fructose 6-phosphate pathway
  3. glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate pathway
  4. both (a) and (b)

Answer- 4

Q-15) Humans are unable to digest

  1. starch
  2. complex carbohydrates
  3. denatured proteins
  4. cellulose

Answer- 4

Q-16) How many ATP equivalents per mole of glucose input are required for gluconeogenesis?

  1. 2
  2. 6
  3. 8
  4. 4

Answer- 2

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Q-17) Linear inhibition is sometimes called as

  1. complete inhibition
  2. incomplete inhibition
  3. partial inhibition
  4. mixed inhibition

Answer- 1

Q-18) The types of inhibition pattern based on Michaelis Menten equation are

  1. competitive
  2. non-competitive
  3. uncompetitive
  4. all of the above

Answer- 4

Q-19) The effect of non-competitive inhibition on a Lineweaver-Burk Plot is that

  1. it can move the entire curve to the right
  2. it can change the y-intercept
  3. it can change the x-intercept
  4. all of these

Answer- 2

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Q-20) The rate-determining step of Michaelis Menten kinetics is

  1. the complex formation step
  2. the complex dissociation step to produce product
  3. the product formation step
  4. Both (a)and(c)

Answer- 2

Final words:

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